How baseball homerun highlights should be done

This Jomboy 40-second walkthrough of Adolis Garcia’s walk-off is a reason why I like baseball. And how baseball highlights should be done.

  1. I get tired of all the clips that show just the homerun swing, and how it landing in the outfield stands. Clip after clip after clip of guy’s hitting homeruns. It’s become flat.
  2. Jomboy always does a great job explaining the pitches before the actual at bat. We get context.

This clip shows all the pitches BEFORE the at bat. Show the build-up to the homerun. How did the homerun develop? What was the pitcher throwing? What was the batter’s reactions to each pitch?

  1. Better yet, he explains what the pitcher is thinking and what the batter is thinking.
  2. Baseball is a game where things build up. You get little bits of this happening and that happening. It’s not just one pitch and done.
  3. He adds in funny crowd reactions.

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