High-resolution scans of baseball cards

1960 Topps #18 Los Angeles Dodgers scan 2400 dpi

Imagine having access to incredibly detailed high-resolution scans of baseball cards and memorabilia online. The above image is a 2400 dpi scan of a Los Angeles Dodgers team card from the 1960 Topps set.

As mentioned in my previous blog post, the Baseball Hall of Fame, posted some lo-res images of World Series program covers saying that they are print-quality. But they aren’t even good enough for my iPad.

Here comes the fun idea. The National Sports Convention is coming up in a couple weeks in Chicago. I’d like to walk around the sports convention floor with a scanner offering people to scan their valuable items. Put it on a little cart and walk around yelling, “HIGH RES SCANS HEEEEEERE! GET YER VALUABLES PRESERVED FER-EVAR IN A HIGH RES SCAAAAAN!”

I would seriously do it for free.

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