Elly de la Cruz 6-game hitting streak starts off 2024

Elly de la Cruz has a hit in every six of his games this year. Exactly one hit.

(and at least one strikeout every game. 2, 2, 1, 4, 1, 2)

Christopher Morel of the Cubs also has a six-game hitting streak. You can guess who I’m playing in Beat the Steak today. I wouldn’t usually pick these two guys (Morel and de la Cruz). But why not? Have some fun. My best streak so far this year is two games. I’m ranked 35,827th—although I’ve only played a few days so far.

The Cub with the longest hitting streak to start the season is Vance Law in 1988 with 16 games. Perhaps that’s how he got voted to be an All-Star in 1988.

After that it’s a bunch of WHO?
11 games
Jimmy Slagle 1905
Ray Grimes 1923
Frank Baumholtz 1952

10 games
Derrek Lee 2007 (obviously not a WHO)
Harry Steinfeldt 1908

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