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Willie McCovey 2016 Topps Stadium Club - [Base] #18

In our world of trading cards, the majority of our prized collection remains hidden away, safely stored in boxes and albums, seldom to be admired. Occasionally, we indulge ourselves by retrieving one of those precious boxes and immersing ourselves in the nostalgia of flipping through the assortment of cards. However, after a brief moment of reminiscence, they are promptly returned to their protective confines.

But what if we could break free from this cycle and truly appreciate our cherished cards on a more regular basis? I, too, have pondered this question and have discovered a simple yet gratifying solution…

Displaying a different baseball card on my desk every day.

Now, the cards that grace my desk may come from various sources. They could be freshly minted additions, procured from recently opened packs, or they might be handpicked from the depths of my existing collection. The beauty lies in the diversity and surprise that each day brings.

Reflecting on the past week, I embarked on a thrilling adventure by unsealing a pack of 2022 Topps Opening Day cards. With each passing day, I eagerly extracted a single card from the pack, savoring the anticipation that accompanied the unveiling. Now, that particular pack has been fully explored, every card savored. However, my quest for daily inspiration continues unabated as I reach into the reservoir of my desk, retrieving a random card each day.

The allure of this practice lies not only in the aesthetic pleasure of having a captivating card adorning my workspace, but also in the emotional connection it fosters. Each card possesses its own tale, its own significance, and by exposing myself to a new card every day, I am inviting a fresh story into my life. As I glance at the card throughout the day, my mind wanders to the memories associated with it, the legends it represents, and the achievements it encapsulates.

Moreover, this practice serves as a constant reminder of the passion that fuels our hobby. By actively engaging with our collection, we breathe life into the cards, infusing them with the appreciation they deserve. No longer are they mere objects confined to the shadows of a forgotten box; they are now vibrant companions that accompany us on our daily journey.

So, I invite you to join me in this ritual of card appreciation. Let us break free from the limitations of storage and grant our cherished cards the visibility they warrant. Whether you decide to adopt the tradition of daily desk displays or find your own unique way to showcase your collection, the key is to infuse your cards with life and embrace the joy they bring.

In the end, it’s not just about the cards themselves but the stories they tell and the memories they evoke. And by bringing them out into the light, we ensure that these stories continue to enchant us, day after day.

Today’s card is Willie McCovey 2016 Topps Stadium Club – [Base] #18 .

A few thoughts about this card:

  • I think I got this at the only trading card show I’ve attended in the past 20 years. The biannual major show in Chicago (Rosemont).
  • The Stadium Club series has so many great photos—especially of the vintage players. I’d like to collect more of these.
  • Willie McCovey in batting practice during Spring Training 1970. Only a handful of people are watching in the background. Given the context, it feels like they are playing softball at a local park.
  • He’s got the world’s most awkward swing. Looks like he’s golfing.
  • Willie Mays was always one of my favorite baseball players dating back to when I wrote a paper in high school about him and Leo Durocher. Willie McCovey played with Willie Mays from 1959-1972. Both named Willie. Both hit over 500 career home runs. When I couldn’t afford a Willie Mays card in high school, I’d opt for Willie McCovey. Nevermind the fact that McCovey’s career defensive WAR is -21.6. And that he never stole more than 4 bases in a season.

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