Bonilla / Ohtani Day on July 1, 2034 and July 1, 2035

Today is Bobby Bonilla day! 11 more to go. Someday, it will be Ohtani Day.

Will Ohtani Day overlap with Bobby Bonilla Day? Yes, it will!

  • Bobby Bonilla: last payment July 1, 2035.
  • Shohei Ohtani: first payment July 1, 2034. ($68 million a year from the Dodgers)

Can you believe it’s on the same day? July 1st. Crazy. Of course, that is probably due to some fiscal year thing, but still. IT’S THE SAME DAY!

We will have TWO Bonilla/Ohtani days.

Then after 2035, people will always be talking about Ohtani Day. He’ll get $68 million a year instead of Bonilla’s $1 million a year from the Mets. (The Orioles also pay Bonilla money each year. $500,000/year between 2004 and 2028.)

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