Using your initials of your name, make the best possible all-time MLB starting lineup.

To create an all-time MLB starting lineup using your initials, you can follow these steps:

  1. Determine your initials.
  2. Use baseball reference tools like Stathead to search for players with those initials. (more details below)
  3. Assemble the best possible lineup based on the players you find.

Let’s look at an example using my initials MM:

C: Miguel Montero
1B: Mark McGwire
2B: Mickey Morandini
SS: Marty Marion (1940-1953)
3B: Manny Machado
LF: Minnie Miñoso
CF: Mickey Mantle
RF: Mike Marshall (1981-1991)
DH: Manny Mota
SP: Mike Mussina
SP: Mike Morgan
SP: Mike Moore
SP: Matt Morris
SP: Mike Marshall
RP: Mark Melancon (2009-2022)
Pinch Runner: Mark McLemore (1986-2004, 272 SB)

For shortstop, I hate picking someone I don’t know. But Marty Marion has a career WAR of 31.8. Other options include Mike Moynahan (3.9 WAR from 1880-1884) and Matt McLain (3.7 WAR in 2023). I wonder if Matt McLain knows he has the chance to be the best shortstop ever with the initials MM.

    For catcher, it cracks me up to see Miguel Montero on this list. But he’s up there.

    • 16.7 WAR Milt May (1970-1984)
    • 14.7 WAR Mike Macfarlane (1987-1999)
    • 14.3 WAR Miguel Montero (2006-2018)

    How to find your own lineup

    If you have a subscription to Stathead, you can easily find the players by initials.

    Under the “Biographical Filters”, select “Name Starts/Ends With”. Then you can enter in the intials under:

    • First Name Starts w/ __
    • Last Name Starts w/ __

    If you don’t want to pay the $9/month for Stathead, you can use my All-time career WAR spreadsheet. I took the top 4,000 hitters all-time by WAR. The sheet is sorted by initials of the player.

    Here’s a portion of the sheet showing players with the initials BB.

    If you’d like to sort this sheet, feel free to make a copy.

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