Who is your MLB twin?

Use Google images to find your MLB twin
What MLB player looks most like you? Pick any player from the history of baseball at any age. Drawing a blank?

Here’s how you can find your baseball player twin!

1. Your photo

Find an photo of yourself wearing your favorite team’s clothing. Preferably this photo will be taken at the ballpark. For this example, here’s a photo of me at Wrigley Field wearing a Cubs hat and tshirt.
Matt Maldre with Cubs hat and tshirt at Wrigley Field

2. Do a reverse Google Image search.

Go to Google Images, click on the camera icon and upload your photo.
Google Images Reverse Search

3. Limit the results

When the search results appear, limit them down by your favorite team. Type in your favorite team’s name and hit enter.
Limit your Google Image search

4. Enjoy the results

Here are the top results of Cubs players who look most like my photo:
Cubs players that look like Matt Maldre

Who does Google say are the top three Cubs players that look most like my photo?

  1. Ed Bailey

    1965 34-year-old Ed Bailey
    Ok, so the first result I wasn’t too flattered. But at least this guy is 34 years old in the photo. A good seven years younger than me. Ed Bailey played only one year for the Cubs–in 1965. The lefty catcher split time with the righty catcher Chris Krug. Next year Bailey would be replaced with Cubs legend, Randy Hundley.

  2. Bruce Sutter

    25-year-old Bruce Sutter in 1978
    The next player to look most like my photo is Bruce Sutter. Whoat?! Bruce Sutter? Isn’t that the guy with the beard? Yup, but when Bruce was 25 years old with the Cubs, he had no beard. This photo is from 1978, his third year with the Cubs, and second year as an All-Star.

  3. Ron Santo

    23-year-old Ron Santo in 1963
    Hey, I’ll take this one! Ron Santo at 23 years old. In 1963 Ron Santo had his first All-Star season. This is his 1964 Topps Giant card.

The results aren’t entirely accurate, but it’s certainly fun. Use a photo of yourself to find your baseball player twin!

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