Tim McCarver creates incredible scorecards

Tim McCarver's beautiful scorecard from the 2011 All-Star Game

Look at the amount of annotation and details that announcer Tim McCarver wrote on his 2011 All-Star game scorecard. It’s fantastic. I’d have to say other than my brother’s scorecards and my scorecards, McCarvers is the most incredible scorecard I’ve seen.

The other scorecard expert, my brother, had this to say about Tim McCarver’s scorecard:

That is a really intense scorecard. All-star game scorecards have to be the hardest. There’s so many changes.

All Star Game scorecards are a really interesting design challenge. The first thing I would have done if I was McCarver was bring a second scorecard and use that if the game went into extra innings. For the first 9 innings I would use all that empty space on the right side.

It’s really remarkable that he used that scorecard as a tool for his broadcast. I wonder if the younger broadcasters use pen and paper for scorecards.

What do other baseball experts have to say about McCarver’s beautiful scorecard? Surprisingly every other blog out there rips on his work of art.

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