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2016 Cubs pennant scorecard

Imagine living your entire life with the Cubs as a winning franchise. Most of us have lived through many losing years with the Cubs with a few highlight years committed to memory, 1969, 1984, 1989, 2003, 2007, etc. My daughter Julia born this year–all she knows is a winning Cub team. Not just a winning […]

Melky Cabrera, 2014 Topps

The 20 best Beat the Streak players for May 2014

If you want to pick two players for Beat the Streak in 2014, it’s Melky Cabrera of Toronto and Nolan Arenado of Colorado. Both players have the most games with at least one hit in 2014. Rk Player Games Tm ———————————— 1 Melky Cabrera 35 TOR 2 Nolan Arenado 35 COL ———————————— 3 Alexei Ramirez […]

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