Your one baseball card

What would you do if were a minor league prospect, and Topps produced only one card of you? It would be fun to go around trying to autograph every one of those cards in existence.

Drafted in the 3rd round of the 2016 draft, White Sox prospect Alex Call currently has one baseball card—2016 Bowman Draft.

2016 Bowman Draft BD-108 Alex Call Phillippians 4:13

On some of his cards he inscribes a bible verse. From card to card, he switches around, using different verse references:
* Romans 10:4-10
* Phillippians 4:13
* Matthew 5:16

Alex Call didn’t go around trying to find his baseball card. The 2016 Bowman Draft series has official autograph inserts.

However, seeing Alex Call inscribe different verses on his only card made me think of this idea of finding your single card everywhere and autographing it. Imagine going up to a baseball card shop and asking if they have any cards of a particular player (you!) and then simply writing your name on all of them, and then walking out the door.

Or if you are feeling really philanthropic, you could buy your own card on eBay, sign it, and then mail it back to the seller. Imagine the seller’s surprise!

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