The players who won 5+ World Series (that are not Yankees)

Michael Jordan’s six rings, Lebron James’ four rings, and Tom Brady’s seven rings. What about baseball players? Who has the most World Series rings?

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The player with the most World Series rings is Yogi Berra with 10. Ten rings! Yogi Berra. GOAT!

Who else is on this list? Joe DiMaggio 9, Lou Gehrig 8, Phil Rizzuto 8, Mickey Mantle 7. All Yankees. Yankees. Yankees. Yankees. The list is insane.

Most Seasons on a World Series Winning Team

As to be expected when you look at the list of players with multiple World Series rings, the Yankees totally dominate. Of the 55 MLB players with 5 or more World Series rings, 51 played for the Yankees. That’s 51 of 55!

That leaves us with only four non-Yankees that have 5+ World Series rings. That’s it. Four players. Who are these four players?

Eddie Collins6 1910 Athletics (2B)
1911 Athletics (2B)
1913 Athletics (2B)
1917 White Sox (2B)
1929 Athletics (PH/Manager)*
1930 Athletics (PH/Manager)*
Jack Barry5 1910 Athletics (SS)
1911 Athletics (SS)
1913 Athletics (SS)
1915 Red Sox (1B)
1916 Red Sox (Coach)*
Stuffy McInnis5 1910 Athletics (SS, 2B)*
1911 Athletics (1B, SS)*
1913 Athletics (1B)
1918 Red Sox (1B, 3B)
1925 Pirates (1B)
Dal Maxvill5 1964 Cardinals (2B, SS)
1967 Cardinals (SS)
1972 A’s (2B)*
1973 A’s (2B, SS)*
1974 A’s (2B, SS)*
*Did not bat

World Series rings were first given out in 1922. Thus, Collins, Barry, and McInnis would have not received rings for their championships. Here we are using “rings” as a simple way of saying “World Series Championship”.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these four players with five “rings”.

Eddie Collins

1913 Eddie Collins Philadelphia Athletics Library of Congress
1913 Eddie Collins Philadelphia Athletics • Library of Congress

6 rings (Did not play in 2)
For the World Series games where Eddie Collins did play, he did very well.

  • 1910 Athletics (2B): 9-for-21 (.429) 10.7% cWPA
  • 1911 Athletics (2B): 6-for-21 (.286) -6.1% cWPA
  • 1913 Athletics (2B): 8-for-19 (.421) 11.7% cWPA
  • 1917 White Sox (2B): 9-for-22 (.409) 13.8% cWPA
  • 1929 Athletics (PH/Manager): Did not play
  • 1930 Athletics (PH/Manager): Did not play

Hall of Famer Eddie Collins did not play in the 1929 and 1930 World Series. Technically that would drop him down from six World Series to four. This is a list of players who have five World Series rings. Why was he on this list? Eddie Collins, as the Athletic’s player/manager, would occasionally insert himself in as a pinch hitter.

In the 1929 season he pinch-hit nine times, getting zero hits (but two walks). Yipes. No hits. You’d think when 1930 rolled around, he would stop putting himself in the game. Nope. He couldn’t resist. In the 1930 season, he pinch-hit three times. One of those at-bats resulted in a single. Did the single come on his very last career at bat? How heroic would that be? Sadly, nope. That single came in Collins’ second-to-last career at-bat.

His very last at-bat, was on August 5, 1930. The 72-36 Athletics faced the 37-70 Red Sox. The Athletics were down 4-3 in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and runners on first and second. The 43-year-old manager decides to put himself in the game for this final at bat of the game. (Replacing the leadoff hitter Joe Boley who was batting .292 for the season, but 0-for-4 that day.) Collins would ground out to second base.

Even though Collins would use himself as a pinch-hitter during the season, he didn’t insert himself in during the World Series of 1929 and 1930.

Jack Barry

1913 Jack Barry Philadelphia Athletics Library of Congress
Jack Barry Philadelphia Athletics • Library of Congress

5 rings (Did not play in 1)
For the four World Series where Jack Barry did play, he had a couple good series.

  • 1910 Athletics (SS) 4-for-17 (.235) -2.9% cWPA
  • 1911 Athletics (SS) 7-for-19 (.368) 7.5% cWPA
  • 1913 Athletics (SS) 6-for-20 (.300) 8.0% cWPA
  • 1915 Red Sox (1B) 3-for-17 (.176) -6.0% cWPA
  • 1916 Red Sox (Coach) Did not play

Jack Barry did not play in the 1916 World Series. He suffered a broken hand on August 29, 1916. Before the World Series started, the Chicago Tribune reported about Jack Barry’s injury:

Chicago Tribune, October 3, 1916

Stuffy McInnis

1913 Stuffy McInnis Philadelphia Athletics Library of Congress
Stuffy McInnis • Public Domain via Library of Congress

5 rings (did not bat in 2)
Stuffy McInnis performed poorly for his five rings. His teams were able to win despite his poor play. Yeah, a .300 average in 1913 sounds good, but a negative 7.8% cWPA shows he didn’t perform when his team needed him to.

  • 1910 Athletics (SS): Did not play
  • 1911 Athletics (1B, SS): Did not bat
  • 1913 Athletics (1B): 6-for-20 (.300) -7.8% cWPA
  • 1918 Red Sox (1B, 3B): 5-for-20 (.250) -7.2% cWPA
  • 1925 Pirates (1B): 4-for-18 (.286) -7.1% cWPA

Stuffy McInnis did not play in the 1910 World Series. He was a 20-year-old rookie that year with 81 plate appearances.

When the Athletics reached the World Series again in 1911, for the second year in a row, Stuffy did not play. Despite hitting .321 (and 121 OPS+) for the 1911 regular season, he had to sit out the World Series due to a “sore arm”. A little odd since McInnis regularly played all the season’s games up to the end of the season. And now before the big series he has a “sore arm”? Maybe the Athletics manager Connie Mack was going with the veteran player again. (McInnis was 21, Harry Davis was 38).

Even though McInnis didn’t bat, he did make one appearance in the 1911 World Series. He was placed into the game for the very last out before winning.

With the Athletics up 13-1, and two outs in the top of the 9th, Stuffy was brought in to replace first baseman Harry Davis. The final out was a groundout 3B to 1B. Thus, McInnis caught the final winning out for the 1911 World Champion Athletics.

Ty Cobb reported on the Athletics championship game in the Chicago Tribune. Yes, THE Ty Cobb wrote the article.

Chicago Tribune Oct 27, 1911

Since the text is a bit hard to read in this copy, here is what Cobb wrote about Stuffy McInnis in the final game of the 1911 World Series:

One of the pretty touches to today’s game, which shows that ball teams are not without sentiment, was the sending of “Stuffy” McInnis to first base to retire the last Giant in the ninth inning. The game little Athletic first sacker, who was unable to play in the series because of a sore arm, was sorely grieved. He had done remarkable work during the league season and his heart was set upon getting a chance to distinguish himself before the immense crowds with view the world’s series games. When I saw Harry Davis, that veteran who did so much to make possible the victory, walk off the field in the ninth after two men were out, handing his glove to McInnis, I joined in the cheer which swept over field. It was grand.

I love how infamously rough Ty Cobb is using phrases like “pretty touch.”

It was really nice of the manager to put in McInnis for the final out. I don’t understand what Cobb is talking when he says, “Harry Davis, that veteran who did so much to make possible the victory”.

David didn’t do that much to help win. He hit only .208 (5-for-24). Maybe Davis had some great plays that didn’t show up in the stats. Or maybe Cobb was just being gracious? Is that possible? Ty Cobb being gracious?

Dal Maxvill

Dal Maxvill 1967 Topps

5 rings (did not bat in 3)
The first three players on this list all played for the long-ago 1911 & 1913 Athletics. The only modern player who has won at least five World Series is a guy named Dal Maxvill. Who?

Why have we not heard of Dal Maxvill? He’s a World Series Great! Well… not really. Of his five rings, he only batted in two of the World Series. He was a combined 7-for-39 (.179 average).

  • 1964 Cardinals (2B, SS): 4-for-20 (.200) -2.3% cWPA
  • 1967 Cardinals (SS): 3-for-19 (.158) 6.0% cWPA
  • 1972 A’s (2B): Did not play
  • 1973 A’s (2B, SS): Did not play
  • 1974 A’s (2B, SS): Did not bat (but was a fielder and pinch runner)

Dal Maxvill did not play in the 1972 and 1973 World Series. There simply wasn’t room for Maxvill at 2B and SS. The second baseman Dick Green batted .308 during the 1973 season. (but he batted only 1-for-16 in the 1973 World Series). Shortstop Bert Campaneris was a 3x All Star and had lead the league in stolen bases six times.

Dal Maxvill did not bat in the 1974 World Series. He was used as a replacement fielder and pinch runner.

  • 1974 Game 1: 2B replacement in bottom of the 9th
  • 1974 Game 2: Pinch-runner in 8th inning, plays 2B 8th & 9th

Maxvill holds the National League record for fewest hits for a batter playing in at least 150 games. He had 80 hits for the 1970 Cardinals in 399 at-bats in 152 games. But at least the career .217 hitter was a Gold Glove winner in 1968.

14 players have four World Series rings (not with the Yankees)

PlayerWorld Series ringsChampionships
Heinie Wagner4 *Did not play in 31912 Red Sox (SS)
1915 Red Sox (2B)*
1916 Red Sox (3B)*
1918 Red Sox (2B)*
Larry Gardner41912 Red Sox (3B)
1915 Red Sox (3B)
1916 Red Sox (3B)
1920 Indians (3B)
Amos Strunk4 *Did not bat in 11910 Athletics (CF)
1911 Athletics (CF, LF)*
1913 Athletics (CF)
1918 Red Sox (CF)
Harry Hooper*41912 Red Sox (RF)
1915 Red Sox (RF)
1916 Red Sox (RF)
1918 Red Sox (RF)
Pinch Thomas4 *Did not play in 11912 Red Sox (C)*
1915 Red Sox (C)
1916 Red Sox (C)
1920 Indians (C)
Frankie Frisch*41921 Giants (3B, 2B)
1922 Giants (2B, 3B)
1931 Cardinals (2B)
1934 Cardinals (2B, 3B)
Jim Gilliam41955 Dodgers (LF, RF)
1959 Dodgers (3B)
1963 Dodgers (2B, 3B)
1965 Dodgers (3B, LF)
Johnny Podres41955 Dodgers (SP)
1959 Dodgers (SP)
1963 Dodgers (SP)
1965 Dodgers (SP)
Sandy Koufax*41955 Dodgers (SP)
1959 Dodgers (SP)
1963 Dodgers (SP)
1965 Dodgers (SP)
Larry Haney4 *Did not play in 31966 Orioles (C)*
1972 Athletics (C)*
1973 Athletics (C)*
1974 Athletics (C)
Gene Tenace41972 Athletics (C) World Series MVP
1973 Athletics (1B, C)
1974 Athletics (1B, C)
1982 Cardinals (C, 1B)
Jack Morris4 *Did not play in 1 (Injury)1984 Tigers (SP)
1991 Twins (SP) World Series MVP
1992 Blue Jays (SP)
1993 Blue Jays (SP)*
Mike Timlin41992 Blue Jays (Middle Relief P)
1993 Blue Jays (Middle Relief P)
2004 Red Sox (Middle Relief P)
2007 Red Sox (Middle Relief P)
Javier Lopez4 *Did not play in 12007 Red Sox (Middle Relief P)
2010 Giants (Middle Relief P)
2012 Giants (Middle Relief P)*
2014 Giants (Middle Relief P)
1993 Topps #564 Mike Timlin Blue Jays

Interesting to note that since 1983, only one player has played in and won 4 World Series—middle reliever Mike Timlin. Javier Lopez came close, but he didn’t play in the 2012 World Series. Jack Morris also was very close, but he was injured for the 1993 World Series.

Active MLB players with 3 World Series rings

Five players have a chance at reaching a 4th World Series ring.

Player nameTeams2021 playing for
Buster Posey2010 Giants (C, 1B)
2012 Giants (C, 1B)
2014 Giants (C, 1B)
2021 Giants (C)
Team option in 2022
Pablo Sandoval2010 Giants (3B, 1B)
2012 Giants (3B, 1B) World Series MVP
2014 Giants (3B)
2021 Braves (DH, 3B, 1B)
Last year of contract 2021
Sergio Romo2010 Giants (Middle Relief Pitcher)
2012 Giants (Relief Pitcher)
2014 Giants (Relief Pitcher)
2021 Athletics (Relief Pitcher)
Last year of contract 2021
Madison Bumgarner2010 Giants (SP)
2012 Giants (SP)
2014 Giants (SP) World Series MVP
2021 Diamondbacks (Starting Pitcher)
Last year of contract 2024
Jon Lester2007 Red Sox (SP)
2013 Red Sox (SP)
2016 Cubs (SP)
2021 Nationals (Starting Pitcher)
Last year of contract 2021

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  1. George St John

    Maxvill is incorrect. He was with Oakland at the start of the ’73 season, but was sold to the Pirates in July, 1973. He wasn’t on the A’s post season roster for 1973. He signed with Oakland in May 1974.

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