Of the 99 MLB All-Team candidates, Cubs have 1

The voting for the 2021 All-MLB team is open. The best players at each position? The vote is up to you.

I went to vote, and do my Cub fan duty of voting for all the Cubs players. But I was in for a surprise.

The voting for the 2021 All-MLB team is limited to approximately ten candidates per position. How did the Cubs fare? There is only ONE Cub candidate—Willson Contreras at catcher.

In the eyes of MLB, the Cubs have only one player worth in the top ten for his position.

Nobody at 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, Starting Pitcher, Relief Pitcher. Nobody in the top ten for any of these positions. 61 hitters (not including DH). 38 pitchers.

99 players total. Of 99 players, the Cubs have one on that list.

Since I’ve declared myself a White Sox fan, I voted for some of the White Sox players. They have nine players available as candidates.

For fun, here’s a screenshot of my votes. I went mostly for players who steal bases. Notice, I didn’t even bother voting for the only Cub on the ballot. Ah well.

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