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Leaf Trading Cards says they listen to their customers. Do they really? I wrote them the following letter:

Brian Gray said at his corporate address Monday that the company’s mission statement is: “Ask people what they want. Listen to what they tell you and give them what they want.”

I’d like to make two points in response Leaf’s mission statement.

Point 1: Affordable cards
I’ll tell you what customers want. Affordable packs their kids can buy. Not expensive rare inserts. That only scares away the general average baseball card fan. High-end collectors love the rare cards, but the everyday fan is immensely turned off by cards that cost in the hundreds of dollars.

The widest range of your customers, is the average American. These people want affordable packs. Packs that do not cost $4 or $5 each. Baseball card packs should cost one dollar or less.

I just bought two boxes of Topps Opening Day, because the packs are a buck each.

You say you want to to hear customer feedback, yet on your own website there is no contact form. There is no email address. Your Facebook Page doesn’t even allow fans to post on your wall. Those are not signs of a company that listens.

I love baseball and I love baseball cards. Please attract new collectors into the industry by making cards people can afford.

I will be very interesting to see if Leaf responds. The only way I could contact them was via a Facebook message.

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