Insight into Upper Deck’s Collector’s Choice of 1993

One Of The Best Ideas for a Sports Card Product That Just Didn’t Work
By Jeff Morris, Sports Collectors Daily

The author’s argument is: dollar-packs sounded like a great idea, but it had barely any rookies and no inserts, with the exception of parallels. Even 30 years ago, that was a tough sell.

The bottom line that Upper Deck misjudged as well was that kids don’t want a card for kids. Kids want the real cards. Kids want a chance to pull an insert or an autograph or a jersey card or something serial-numbered out of a pack, even though jersey cards were still a couple years away from appearing in packs.

Such a shame. I guarantee you, when I was a kid in 1993, I didn’t care about serial-numbered cards. I wanted regular cards. And certainly not expensive packs. 30 years later, it’s what I still want today.

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