Dodgers have mastered bending of time and myth

With Shohei's $68M deferral, the LA Dodgers announced the signing of 2 free agents from NY

Kramer and George of “Seinfeld” join the Dodgers? Someone posted this funny photo relating this to the Shohei Ohtani signing.

My reaction:

The Dodgers have transcended the boundaries of time itself. With the power of salary deferral, they bend time to their will, weaving the fabric of the future into the tapestry of the present.

Now, their dominion extends beyond mere mortals. They summon heroes and legends from bygone eras, not just from the annals of history, but from the very depths of fiction.

The Dodgers, wielding this newfound power, stand unchallenged, for there are no limits to their might. In this era of unparalleled dominion, the Dodgers reign supreme, with the mysteries of time travel and myth realization firmly in their grasp.

And ten years from now, the Dodgers will be living in the past, burdened by the heavy salary of a legendary player from a decade ago. Their once-rich pockets will have thinned, echoing the nostalgia of a time when their spending knew no bounds. They’ll dwell in the remnants of their lavish era, a poignant testament to the fleeting nature of glory and the lasting weight of ambition.

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