Tracking the 1,000 cards with the most quantity

I’ve been monitoring the 1,000 cards with the most quantity on The baseball card with the highest quantity is Bo Jackson’s 1987 Topps rookie card. by far. 1,657 of these cards are available on

The four baseball cards with the most quantities on comc

1987 Topps – [Base] #170Bo Jackson1,607
2013 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects – [Base] Yasiel Puig1,101
1987 Topps – [Base] #320Barry Bonds1,076
2017 Bowman – [Base] #25Yoan Moncada1,016

The players with the most cards in the top 1,000

Player nameNumber of cards in top 1,000
Nolan Ryan35
Mike Trout18
Cal Ripken17
Gavin Lux16
Mark McGwire13
Ken Griffey Jr.13
Luis Robert12
Cal Ripken Jr.12
Eloy Jimenez11
Barry Bonds11
Kyle Lewis10
Juan Soto10

Curious that even though Bo Jackson’s 1987 Topps has the most quantity. Bo Jackson doesn’t have THAT many other cards in the top 1000. His name doesn’t appear in the top 12 player list.

Change over time

Since I record the quantities daily, I can also see which cards have been added the most in the past seven days. So far it’s been fun seeing which cards are getting the most added.

Cards with most supply (and least demand)

Cards with the highest increase in the past seven days:

39 more cards added:
• 2018 Bowman Draft – [Base] -38 – Nick Madrigal
• 2018 Bowman Draft – [Base] -188 – Luis Robert
• 2018 Bowman Draft – [Base] -165 – Nico Hoerner
(I’m assuming someone just dumped a bunch of 2018 Bowman Draft cards into the system.)

36 more cards:
• 2022 Bowman – Chrome Prospects -82 – Aeverson Arteaga

34 more cards:
• 1987 Topps – [Base] #620 – Jose Canseco

1987 Topps - [Base] #620 - Jose Canseco

32 more cards:
• 1987 Topps – [Base] #393 – Pete Rose
• 1987 Topps – [Base] #200 – Pete Rose

Oh, I should note that these aren’t just cards being added. I’m looking at the total quantity of the cards available every day. So when a particular card goes up, that’s just people adding the card to the site. But also mixed into that number are people buying the card. 45 Gavin Lux cards were added in the past seven days. But three Gavin Lux cards could have been bought, so it’s 48 Lux cards added.

I don’t have access to the number of cards sold.

What my numbers do show is supply and demand. Is more supply being added than there is demand? There is a lot of supply for Gavin Lux. But not much demand.

Players who have increasing quantity in the top 100

PlayerNumber of cards increasing in top 100
Nolan Ryan6
Mike Trout5
Barry Bonds2
Eloy Jimenez2
Frank Thomas2
George Valera2
Juan Soto2
Ke’Bryan Hayes2
Luis Robert2
Nico Hoerner2
Oneil Cruz2
Pete Rose2
Randy Johnson2
Ryan Mountcastle2
Vladimir Guerrero Jr.2

Cards with most demand (and least supply)

Cards with most decrease in quantity:
45 less cards
2020 Topps – [Base] #292.1 – Base – Gavin Lux (Batting)

2020 Topps - [Base] #292.1 - Base - Gavin Lux (Batting)

(I’m guessing someone just went on a shopping spree and bought 45 Gavin Lux cards for some odd reason)

18 less
1990 Score – [Base] #560 – Ken Griffey Jr.

1990 Score - [Base] #560 - Ken Griffey Jr.

17 less
2022 Topps Update Series – [Base] #US97 – Rookie Debut – Julio Rodriguez
2022 Topps Update Series – [Base] #US20.1 – Spencer Torkelson (Vertical)

2022 Topps Update Series - [Base] #US20.1 - Spencer Torkelson (Vertical)

Thus, lately, these cards have more demand than supply.

Players with the most cards whose quantity is decreasing (aka being bought)

Player nameNumber of cards with decreasing quantity
Ken Griffey Jr.4
Gleyber Torres4
Spencer Torkelson3
Bo Bichette3
Tony Gwynn3

It’s only been one week, so the sample size is small. We’ll see how this develops over the following months.

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