Renaming the Atlanta Braves so the fans can keep their silly chop motion

Atlanta Braves fans continue to do the insensitive “tomahawk chop.” That is the sole reason why I cannot stand Braves fans. Please stop the chop.

That should be a slogan. Stop the chop.

A couple of years ago, Sports Illustrated wrote, “Why Does MLB Still Allow Synchronized, Team-Sanctioned Racism in Atlanta?” with the sub-head: “During World Series Games 3, 4 and 5 [2021], a nationwide television audience will see a largely white crowd mocking a people its ancestors tried to erase.”

Perhaps if we rename the team, then the chop would stop. But of course, we know that the chop would continue. Fans tend to keep their traditions pretty hardcore.

Let’s rename the team so that the chop becomes transformed into something else.

Team name ideas to transform the tomahawk chop

Atlanta Pilots

The gesture: Mimicking the motions of an airplane’s guidance signals.

Atlanta is known for their high-traffic airport. Hartsfield-Jackson is also home to the busiest single runway in the world

Atlanta Pop

The gesture: Bring a soda pop bottle to your mouth.

Atlanta is also known for being the home of Coca-Cola.

Atlanta Conductors

The gesture: Simulating a conductor’s orchestral movements with a baton.

Even though Atlanta might be known more for their hip-hop music scene. The city has produced some of the biggest names in hip hop, including Outkast, T.I., and Lil Jon.

Atlanta Lumberjacks

The gesture: Emulating the swinging of an axe, which is a common motion associated with lumberjacks.

Although, I don’t know if we would want to condone the chopping down of trees. Atlanta is known as the “City in a Forest”. Let’s not chop down the forest.

Atlanta Chefs

The gesture: Pretending to stir a large pot or pan, which is a common motion in professional kitchens.

There’s gotta be a bunch of food that Atlanta is known for.

Atlanta Sculptors

The gesture: Using their hands to shape and mold an invisible piece of art, as sculptors do.

Atlanta is known for their street art. Atlanta Taggers might be a bit extreme.

Atlanta Conductors

The gesture: Imitating the hand signals that train conductors use to direct traffic.

Atlanta Farmers

The gesture: Pretending to sow seeds or harvest crops, common actions in farming.

Atltanta is known for peanuts. So maybe the team name could be Atlanta Peanuts.

Atlanta Peaches

The gesture: Picking peaches from a tree.

Atlanta is known for their peaches. Instead of chanting, “ohh oh oooooh”, they could chant, “Yumm, yum, yuuuuuuuum”

Atlanta Fishermen

The gesture: Mimicking the act of casting a fishing line.

Imagine whenever the Braves play the Marlins. The chop (now casting a line) would be really powerful. Although Blue Marlins are listed as vulnerable to extinction, so maybe this is not a favorite.

Atlanta Astronomers

The gesture: Raising an arm to simulate looking through a telescope.

This one might be the most ridiculous, thus maybe one of my favorites. Instead of chanting, “ohhh, oh, oooooooh.” They could chant, “Oh! Oh! Oh!” like they are making a discovery. Eyes gazing up into the sky.

Do you have any favorites from this list? Or any additional name ideas?

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