Beat the Streak is a game for the forgetful baseball fan

Beat the Streak by Dunkin Donuts

Don’t have time for a full fantasy baseball league? Beat the Streak is the game for you.

If you miss making a day in making a pick for Beat the Streak, MLB no longer resets your streak. MLB is really nice to freeze your streak when you forget to make a pick. This encourages people to pick up playing again.

Forgetting your pick and then having your streak end surrounds Beat the Streak with negative vibes. But MLB keeping your streak in tact surrounds the game with positive vibes.

While Beat the Streak is a fun game to play every day, I also have lapses where I don’t make a pick for a couple weeks. People get busy. MLB is smart to make the game attractive to people who are busy. Especially since I purposely play Beat the Streak, because it consumes less time than a full-on fantasy league.

Beat the Streak is for the casual, time-sensitive fan. MLB is making Beat the Streak cater to that audience.

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