Chicago Cubs feed on BlueSky

Tired of Twitter’s unpredictable algorithm? Seeking more control over your feed? Enter BlueSky, a refreshing alternative to Twitter. Maybe you should try BlueSky, one of the Twitter alternatives. A great thing about BlueSky is the ability to follow custom feeds. These feeds can be about anything. I made a feed that includes posts about the …

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Happy 2/4/24 day

Happy Willie Mays Day, Kobe Bryant Day, Bill Cartwright Day, Ken Griffey Jr Day, Miguel Cabrera Day, and Rickey Henderson Day. 2/4/24

Baseball a big hit in Halloween 2023

Numerous baseball costumes graced our neighborhood elementary school’s Halloween Parade today, and it was heartening to witness an abundance of children relishing the sport. Among the young participants, I couldn’t help but notice Elly De La Cruz. Did this young one intend to portray a rather chilling character, considering the batting averages of .238, .198, …

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