The return of Ryne Sandberg to Wrigley Field

Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies coach, 2013

This is pretty exciting as a Cubs fan. By dumb luck, I was able to see Ryne Sandberg’s last game as a Cub in 1997. By the same random measure, I will see his first return in uniform to Wrigley Field since then! I just learned he’s third base coach for the Phillies. My brother and I in February just randomly and unknowingly picked Sandberg’s first return game! Very cool.

(photo from lakeandlocal, courtesy creative commons)

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Matt Maldre

Erik and I will be trying to get Sandberg’s attention from the upper deck before the game. I will record it via video and hopefully add it to our collection of Getting the attention of Hall of Fame players from the upper deck.


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