Rub this brick and the Cubs will win today

Have you ever bought one of those personalized brick pavers outside a baseball stadium?

Back in 2006, my family bought a paver for Wrigley Field.

My brother posted this 2007 photo of me on Flickr with this caption:

At Wrigley Field, you can pay about $150 and get a brick placed in front of the ballpark with your very own inscription. My brick says, “RUB THIS BRICK AND THE CUBS WILL WIN TODAY”. I was the 41st person to order a brick. There’s hundreds, maybe thousands of custom bricks in front of Wrigley Field. You can find my brick in the Sammy Sosa section. (No, I did not request to have the brick placed there.)

Most people put boring messages on their bricks like, “The Johnson family loves the Cubs”. Boring. I think my brick is the reason for the Cubs being in first place this season.

As part of my order, I received a duplicate brick which resides in my home. Actually, my brother paid for about half of the brick. And a good friend put in $10. So it’s currently a three-partner investment.

Polaroid photograph taken 9/21/2007

Pretty funny how our brick ended up in the Sammy Sosa section. Since the 2015 Wrigley Field renovation, our brick was relocated to somewhere outside left field.

Here’s a photo of my brother in 2016 rubbing the brick. Looks like that 2016 rubbing worked out really well that year!!!

My brother by our Wrigley Field brick in 2016. "Rub this brick and the Cubs will win today"
Detail of Wrigley Field brick that says "rub this brick and the cubs will win today"

Have you ever gotten a brick paver?

I’d love to hear your story about your brick paver. Please leave a comment.

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1 thought on “Rub this brick and the Cubs will win today”

  1. I have to thank Google Photos for helping me find the 2016 photo of my brother. I searched Google Photos for “brick”, this image was in the results.

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