Oddball Chicago Cubs World Series Champions memorabilia

To celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series, I know you are totally desiring to have an epoxy belt buckle with the Cubs World Series championship logo. Or maybe a laser-etched crystal is more your style. With Christmas around the corner, why wear a regular old Santa hat, when you can wear one declaring the Cubs as World Series champions? Ho, ho, ho!

Lots of weird products are flooding the market with the Chicago Cubs World Series logo. How many of these are official, it’s hard to say. The Chicago Cubs World Series shower curtain looks real. There are some die-hard Cubs fans that want to be always reminded of the 2016 Cubs while in the shower.

Now here’s your chance to capture on the moment while the Cubs are the reigning champs. Here are 27 goofy products with the Cubs World Series logo.

Cubs tiki statue
Cubs tiki statue (submitted by Erik Maldre)

Anthony Rizzo gnome figure statue
Anthony Rizzo Gnome statue (submitted by Erik Maldre)

Gentlemen's gift box
Gentlemen’s shoes box set

Santa hat
Santa hat (maybe this is also the gnome hat worn by the Anthony Rizzo gnome)

Shot glass
Shot glass

fake bryant world series ring
Fake Bryant World Series ring

Chicago Chronicle
World’s uglist front page

Bill Murray, Haray Caray Chicago Cubs World Series plaque
Bill Murray Haray Caray plaque

door mat
Door mat

utility car mat
Utility mat

Vinyl grill mat
Grill mat

Shower curtain
Shower curtain

Photo of fans holding W flag at Wrigley Field
Photo of a person in a Starling Marte jersey taking a photo of two fans holding a W flag

Crystal paper weight
Crystal paper weight

Reversible leather jacket
Leather reversible jacket

Amber growler
64oz amber growler

Cyle Hendricks photo
Photo of fans spelling Kyle Hendricks name wrong

hat misprint
Cubs hat misprint

Ugly championship blet
Very ugly championship belt (23 sold!)

Casino betting chips Anthony Rizzo
Casino betting chips

Casino gaming ticket
Casino gaming ticket

Cub holding trophy
Cub holding trophy

cast-iron billy goat, 108 was enuf!
Cast iron billy goat

Chicago Cubs official World Series dirt
Wrigley Field World Series dirt

1993 Mission Viejo yearbook with Mike Lee's 2016 prediction
1993 High school yearbook (Only $899.99!!!)

Steel sign
Steel sign (which is actually kinda cool)

epoxy belt buckle
Epoxy belt buckle

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