Nicknames series from Topps Bunt

Topps Bunt released another cool series. The nickname series is cool—starting off with KUNG FU PANDA.

Screenshot of Pablo Sandoval Topps Bunt 155430. From the series "nicknames21" Card says "Kung Fu Panda" in diagonal lettering.

The lettering of the nickname in diagonal text is like a Kung Fu movie poster.

The splattering background gives great life and energy.

The photograph is full of personality. What is he doing pointing to one of his fingers. Is he counting? Counting what? A goofy grin on his face says he’s up to no good. His necklace bouncing around implies he’s running—perhaps in a home run trot?

The signature on an angle across the nickname is a nice touch. The signature is surprisingly legible. Is this his real autograph? Or a font? We’ll find out as more cards in this series are released. Nicknames 21 will be an eight card series with one award bonus.

Hopefully there will be an El Mago card.

Javier Baez: Topps Bunt 2021: Nicknames "El Mago" #155432

Javier Baez “El Mago” is the 2nd card in the 2021 Nicknames series! The headline Topps used to promote the card: “Like any good magician, he always seems to have a trick up his sleeve in the field. El Mago is today’s featured nickname card!”

THIS is the card I was waiting for. I was going to open as many packs as possible to pull this card—which wouldn’t be too hard because the odds are 1:5. The very first pack I opened, THIS card was on top! Here’s a screen recording of me opening the pack.

It’s clear that the “autograph” on this card is not the Javier Baez’s auto. I’d like to know the designer/typographer behind this lettering. That would be cool to design a font, and then Topps uses it in a card.

The official Topps news release for this nickname series:

Kung Fu Panda kicks off bunts new daily nicknames set with his iconic nickname!

Nicknames are a baseball players rite of passage. Celebrate some of baseballs best with a new Uncommon Base & Rare Gold NICKNAMES Card each day!

Uncommon Cards | Boost: 1.7x
Rare Cards | Boost: 2.2x

Beginning June 11th through June 18th, a new Uncommon & Rare Card will debut each day at 6:00 PM ET and will only be available for 24 hours! – Check out the set to see awards! – Which MLB nickname is your favorite?

Pablo Sandoval!

3000 Coins
4 cards per pack
• Featured Uncommon Card – 1:5
• Featured Rare Card – 1:20
Series 1 Base Odds:
• Tier 1 – 40%
• Tier 2 – 36%
• Tier 3 – 20%
• Tier 4 – 3%
• Tier 5 – 1%

95 Diamonds
6 cards per pack
GUARANTEED Featured Uncommon Card!
Featured Rare Card – 1:3
Series 1 Base Odds:
• Tier 1 – 40%
• Tier 2 – 36%
• Tier 3 – 20%
• Tier 4 – 3%
• Tier 5 – 1%

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