How many times have two Cubs struck out in the same All-Star inning?

Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo: foundation for the Cubs

The Cubs managed to squeak two players onto the All-Star roster this year. Both Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo batted in the same inning. Castro came up first. The announcers were talking about the Cubs young talent; and how Castro is a cornerstone of the talent. He strikes out.

Anthony Rizzo steps up as the third batter in the 8th inning. Talk of the Cubs fine young talent comes up again–about how the Cubs management really loves Rizzo. He strikes out.

Two Cubs batters striking out in the same inning. Has this happened before? Actually, yes. Three times.

Kosuke Fukudome and Geovany Soto strike out back-to-back

The most recent occurrence in 2008 when Kosuke Fukudome and Geovany Soto struck out back-to-back in the 8th inning with the NL ahead 1-0.

Billy Herman and Stan Hack

The other two times you have to dig back into history on 1938 and 1939. Both times involved Stan Hack and Billy Herman striking out back-to-back.

In 1938 it was against Johnny Allen in the 7th inning with the NL ahead 4-0.

In 1939 Lefty Grove struck out Stan Hack and Billy Herman in the 5th inning with the NL down 2-1.

Ok, how about positive news? Did any Cubs get a hit in the same inning? Yup.

  • 1973: Billy Williams and Ron Santo both singled back-to-back.
  • 1937: Frank Demaree and Ripper Collins both singled. It would have been three-in-a-row for the Cubs if Gabby Hartnett didn’t ground out in between his teammates in the sixth inning.
  • 1936: Frank Demaree singled, then the next batter Gabby Hartnett tripled against Lefty Grove.

The full list of the 51 times Chicago Cubs players have batted in the same All-Star inning:

2008*: Kosuke Fukudome groundout. Geovany Soto flyball.
2007: Alfonso Soriano lineout. Derrek Lee groundout.
2007: Alfonso Soriano homerun. Derrek Lee walked.
2005: Derrek Lee popfly. Aramis Ramirez walked.
2005: Derrek Lee double. Aramis Ramirez ground ball doubleplay.
1993: Mark Grace groundout. Ryne Sandberg walked
1991: Ryne Sandberg flyball. Andre Dawson ground ball doubleplay.
1990: Shawon Dunston flyball. Ryne Sandberg flyball.
1988*: Ryne Sandberg strikeout. Andre Dawson groundout.
1988*: Ryne Sandberg strikeout. Andre Dawson single.
1987*: Ryne Sandberg groundout. Andre Dawson strikeout.
1987*: Ryne Sandberg groundout. Andre Dawson double.

1972* Don Kessinger Flyball: LF
1972* Glenn Beckert Flyball: RF (Short RF)

1972 Billy Williams Single to CF
1972 Ron Santo Ground Ball Double Play: 3B-2B-1B

1971 Don Kessinger Flyball: RF
1971 Glenn Beckert Popfly: SS

1970* Don Kessinger Single to CF; Carty to 2B
1970* Glenn Beckert Groundout: 2B-1B

1970* Don Kessinger Single to CF
1970* Glenn Beckert Groundout: P-2B/Forceout at 2B

1969 Don Kessinger Groundout: 1B-P; Alou to 2B
1969 Ron Santo Groundout: 3B-1B

1969 Ron Santo Groundout: SS-1B
1969 Don Kessinger Groundout: SS-1B

1968 Ron Santo Walk
1968 Don Kessinger Groundout: SS-2B/Forceout at 2B

1968 Ron Santo Walk
1968 Billy Williams Flyball: RF

1965 Ernie Banks Single (LF-CF)
1965 Billy Williams Groundout: 1B-P; Banks to 3B; Rose to 2B

1962* Ernie Banks Triple (Deep CF)
1962* Billy Williams Groundout: SS-1B; Banks Scores

1955 Randy Jackson Lineout: CF (CF-RF)
1955 Gene Baker Flyball: CF

1952 Hank Sauer Home Run (Deep LF-CF); Musial Scores
1952 Bob Rush Groundout: 3B-1B

1947 Andy Pafko Groundout: SS-1B
1947 Phil Cavarretta Strikeout

1944 Bill Nicholson Double to RF; Ryan Scores
1944 Phil Cavarretta Walk; Galan to 2B

1943 Stan Hack *LEADOFF GM*:Single (Deep 2B)
1943 Bill Nicholson Groundout: 1B-SS/Forceout at 2B

1940* Billy Herman Single to CF
1940* Bill Nicholson Foul Flyball: RF; Herman to 2B

1940* Billy Herman Single to RF
1940* Bill Nicholson Flyball: RF

1939 Stan Hack Strikeout Looking
1939 Billy Herman Strikeout

1938* Stan Hack Single to LF
1938* Billy Herman Reached on E6 (Ground Ball); Hack to 3B

1938* Stan Hack Groundout: 2B-1B
1938* Billy Herman Single

1938* Bill Lee Flyball: CF
1938* Stan Hack Flyball: CF
1938* Billy Herman Strikeout

1938* Stan Hack Strikeout
1938* Billy Herman Strikeout

1937 Frank Demaree Flyball: CF
1937 Gabby Hartnett Groundout: 2B-1B

1937 Billy Herman Single to LF
1937 Frank Demaree Flyball: 2B

1937 Gabby Hartnett Single to CF
1937 Billy Herman Reached on E5 (Line Drive); Ott to 3B

1937 Frank Demaree Single to LF; Medwick to 3B
1937 Gabby Hartnett Groundout: 2B-SS/Forceout at 2B
1937 Ripper Collins Single to RF; Whitehead out at Hm/RF-C; Bartell to 3B/Adv on throw to Hm

1937 Billy Herman Single to LF
1937 Frank Demaree Groundout: SS-1B

1937 Billy Herman Groundout: 1B-P
1937 Frank Demaree *ENDED GAME*:Groundout: 2B-1B

1936* Augie Galan Strikeout Looking
1936* Billy Herman Flyball: RF

1936* Frank Demaree Single to LF
1936* Gabby Hartnett Triple to RF; Demaree Scores

1936* Augie Galan Flyball: CF (Deep CF)
1936* Billy Herman Walk

1936* Frank Demaree Foul Flyball: 1B
1936* Gabby Hartnett Groundout: SS-1B

1936* Augie Galan Home Run (Deep RF)
1936* Billy Herman Single to RF; Herman to 2B/Adv on E9
1936 Frank Demaree Ground Ball Double Play: 3B-2B-1B

1936* Lon Warneke Groundout: P-1B
1936* Augie Galan Strikeout
1936* Billy Herman Single to CF

1934* Gabby Hartnett Groundout: SS-1B
1934* Billy Herman Popfly: SS
1934 Kiki Cuyler Lineout: CF

1934 Billy Herman Double
1934 Chuck Klein *ENDED GAME*:Groundout: 1B-P

*indicates back-to-back

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