Interesting baseball projects

I’m compiling a list of interesting baseball projects. They can be cool baseball posters. Baseball data analysis. Baseball art. As I come across any projects related to baseball, I’ll add them to this list. I feel like this list could be in the hundreds. For now it’ll be small, but it will grow.

I should also add an image for each. Someday I will.

Baseball cards

One million Cubs: A baseball nerd’s quest to collect one MILLION Chicago Cubs baseball cards.

@sportscardbacks: talking about the backs of baseball cards

Harmon’s Old Beat Up Vintage Baseball Cards: Facebook group of 4,000+ people sharing photos of their old beat-up cards


@mosley_mark: hand-drawn baseball cards

@gummyarts: hand-drawn baseball cards Vintage comic book style baseball art


Stathead baseball: research tool for baseball stats. ($8/month)

Lahman’s Baseball Database: complete batting and pitching statistics from 1871 to 2020, plus fielding statistics, standings, team stats, managerial records, post-season data, and more

Beat the Streak daily picks: using Log5 method and Neural Network method

Box scores and play-by-play accounts: I like the Win Probability Chart for every game


R.B.I. Baseball NES fan website

My baseball projects

Autograph Aesthetics: comparing autographs on baseball cards with fine art in the Art Institute of Chicago

Crazy baseball scorecards: filling up scorecards with drawings and trivia

Mailing a baseball cards as a postcards: Take a baseball card, write a postal address on it and slap on a stamp. Will it mail?

Reassembling a baseball bat from relic cards: Recombining the wood chips from relic cards of one player

Taping baseball cards to my boot to wear the card down: I need to find a link to this.

Older projects (not updated in a while or just plain gone)

Bunt data from 2016 and earlier

Scorekeeper’s Union: (last update 2018)

Cubscast: my favorite Cubs podcast (2005-2010)

The Eephus: Awesome baseball history podcast 2015-2018