Fun idea: Baseball cards with hand-written stats written by the player

Ryne Sandberg jumping, poster Cornerstone Nike, Wrigley Field

Inscriptions on steroids. Whenever a player signs HOF or MVP below his name, it costs extra. On this particular Ryne Sandberg autographed poster, the inscriptions are stacked five high.

  1. Ryno
  2. HOF ’05
  3. 84 NL MVP
  4. 10K All Star
  5. 9K Gold Glove

This is like a quadruple cheeseburger with a Big Mac on top. There are so many stats on this poster, it should be a baseball card. That would be a cool baseball card.

Topps should release a set of baseball cards where each baseball player writes his own stats on the back of the card.


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Matt Maldre
7 years ago

I’d love to see baseball players who have a really poor batting average have to write it out for their card. HILARIOUS!

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