Highly detailed scorecard from Cubs playoff clinch against the Cardinals

The first time Wrigley Field has ever seen a postseason series clinched! The Cubs won at home,

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Erik Maldre

That’s awesome that you were at the game. It’s very helpful to me that you did and kept your traditionally detailed scorecard because I missed the first five innings.

I told my co-workers first thing in the morning that I was working through lunch and leaving at 3:30, but I had to make one of my workers stay late and we were cranking through stuff. It was so frustrating. There’s more to the story, but it’s not important here.

So your scorecard paints a great picture of the first five innings that I missed.

Your detail about the fans’ reaction to Baez’s home run is insightful. Throughout this series I found it hard to get a sense for what’s happening in the ball park stands just because of pink hat guy and his crew in the front row never ever did anything during the game but sit there like bumps on a log. I know this guy has been going to games for decades and he tried to buy the team 30+ years ago, bla bla bla.

It’s interesting that they kept showing celebrities on the giant glow screens. They were doing the same on TV. Enough of John Cusak already. The only person in the world that cares that John Cusak is at the game is John Cusak and the camera guy who spent the time panning the crowd looking for him.

That Schwarber blast was awesome. I was at parent-teacher conferences when it happened. (Kids before Cubs.) The librarian shouted out, “Schwarber just hit a home run in the 7th inning!”. So when I watched the rest of the game on DVR later I knew he was going to hit a homer, but I didn’t know it was going to be a moon shot like that!

I love his swing. It’s so compact and explosive. It’s the opposite of Bryant who needs to get extended and swing like a golfer. You heard they’re covering the ball with plexiglas for the rest of the postseason, right? That’s simply great.

Mati Maldre
Mati Maldre

Thanks Matthew, Your scorecard is great. It must have been wonderful to be at such an exciting game. I don’t have cable, but I listened to the entire game on radio. The announcers did a pretty good job, but nothing beats seeing it in person. Matthew, your lucky that you have such a good friend that got you into the game. Now onto NY, lets hope the Cubs continue to dominate the Mets.I’ll be listening to thr games on radio.

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