What if every Cubs player on the roster started one game at third base?

Tonight will be the third game with Kris Bryant being out of the lineup. Since getting hit in the head by a pitch, Bryant has been day to day. It’s a bit scary not knowing how long Bryant will be out. Not just for his bat, but just him as a person. For his personal health.

Makes me wish it was like, his hand or something that got hit. Not his freakin head. I’d take Bryant out for a month with his hand, but not Bryant out for a month with his head. (not that he’s out for a month—I made that up).

So far in the two games he’s been out, Baez and LaStella has played third base. If Bryant is out longer, I would like to see every Cubs player eventually start at third base. It’s fun seeing players play in their non-regular position.

I wonder how Lester would do at third. My goodness. The entire game would be every single batter bunting to third. In general, I wonder if more batters bunt when Lester is on the mount… like bunting so he has to field it. I want more bunting stats.

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