Cubs logo on Millennium Falcon (t-shirt)

What do the Chicago Cubs and the Millennium Falcon have in common?

  • Circles: The Cubs logo is a circle. The Millennium Falcon has a circle at the core.
  • Rebels: Um… The Millennium Falcon is piloted by a rebel. Are the Cubs rebels? In Chicago, I’d personify the White Sox to be more of the rebels. Scratch the rebel idea.
  • Good guys: The Cubs are generally seen as the good guys. In Star Wars the Millennium Falcon is flown by the good guys (even though Hans Solo is not exactly your typical “good guy”)
  • Owned by corporate overloards: Disney owns Star Wars (even though they didn’t first start the franchise). The billionair family Ricketts owns the Cubs (even though they didn’t first start the franchise)

Do you love both the Cubs and Star Wars? Then maybe you’ll love this shirt.

Maybe I’m too picky, but this shirt would have been much cooler with the the blue & white horizontal stripe. Just the Millennium Falcon, and the Cubs logo. That horizontal stripe just gets in the way. It almost makes this look like some sort of rock guitar.

Here’s a better shirt. And the tagline. “Come to the North Side.” Ooooh man.

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