Does the angry Cubs logo look like the Bulls logo?

The Cubs tweeted a photo of their newest right fielder, Seiya Suzuki. He is standing in front of a large Cubs neon sign.

Batting 2nd, playing right field.


The shapes in the Cubs logo really struck me. At first, they looked like some sort of angel wings. Instagram is full of photos where people stand in front of wings painted on a wall.

With Seiya blocking a good part of the Cubs logo, it looks a little bit like angel wings.

This different view of the Cubs logo makes it look a bit like the Bulls logo. Strange, right? The angry eyes in the Cubs logo are like the eyes in the Bulls logo.

Let’s compare the Cubs logo with the Bulls logo side-by-side. To keep the comparison consistent, I’ll photoshop Seiya standing in front of the Bulls logo too.

Aa quick photoshop job of Seiya in front of the Bulls logo (and the Cubs logo).

Ok, so the Bulls logo looks only a little bit like the Cubs logo.

  1. The Cubs logo has ears. The Bulls logo has horns.
  2. The Cubs logo has angry eyes. The Bulls logo has angry eyes.

Um, that’s pretty much it. The Bulls logo overall is quite triangular. The Cubbie logo is more like a big blob.

Ah, well. Welcome to Chicago, Seiya!

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