Chicago Dogs uniform design is a wiener

Chicago Dogs uniform design 2018
The Chicago Dogs released their uniform designs today. Folks, we have a wiener—as in WINNER.

Thankfully, their home hat features just the hot dog logo. No baseball, no words.

Back in August, I blogged about they should put just the hot dog on the hat.

Does the entire logo belong on a baseball hat? I’m dying to know what their baseball hats will look like. I’m hoping they go with the simple hot dog on the hat, without the text, without the baseball.

A professional team shouldn’t have a baseball on their hat. And especially not the entire team name. However, given that it’s a small team in an independent league, they might end up going the ugly route and put the entire logo with the text onto their hats.
(I go pretty deep into their branding. Read the entire blog post.)

And now they have fulfilled my wishes! The home hat has just the hot dog on it! I’m tempted to buy one of these sweet hats.

For those who fear looking like they work at a hot dog stand, they can purchase the away hat. It features the entire name of the team along with a baseball on it. Despite my claim that no team should have a baseball on their hat, I’m betting that the away hat will actually sell quite well.

Bravo to the Chicago Dogs for producing two versions of their hats. One that is iconic. The other that is literal.

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