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Phil Cavarretta and Ken Griffey, Sr.

Phil Cavarretta is like Ken Griffey, Sr? The first nine players on Phil Cavarretta’s “Similarity Score” is a bunch of guys from Pre-WWII. Dixie Walker (915) Wally Pipp (911) Sam West (903) Augie Galan (899) Harry Davis (891) Wally Moses (890) Gee Walker (890) Ben Chapman (887) Ed Konetchy (882) Ken Griffey (880) But then […]

Andre Dawson Beanbrawls Sports Illustrated cover

Andre Dawson: beanball master

Did you know that Andre Dawson lead the NL in hit by pitch four times? Hit By Pitch 1978 NL 12 (1st) 1979 NL 6 (9th) 1980 NL 6 (1st) 1981 NL 7 (1st) 1982 NL 8 (2nd) 1983 NL 9 (1st) 1986 NL 6 (6th) 1987 NL 7 (5th) 1993 AL 13 (3rd) Career […]

2013 Topps Ser 2 Jersey #CHR-AS Alfonso Soriano Cubs Chasing History Relic

Alfonso Soriano’s rank on the all-time Cubs list

Where does Alfonso Soriano currently rank among on the all-time Cubs list? Soriano is currently on the trading block, potentially going to the Yankees. Let’s take a look at Soriano’s legacy with the Cubs. Soriano is currently playing his 7th season with the Cubs. That’s a good amount of time to make an impact on […]


Infographic: Baseball players on twitter

How many players on your favorite baseball team are on twitter? made official twitter lists for each team. The average number of players on twitter per team is seven. Baseball teams with the most current players on twitter: The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays have 13 apiece. Baseball teams with the least […]


19-game streak longest so far in 2012

My brother has the longest streak in our group so far this year. Adrian Gonzalez started his 17 game streak and he ended it. Adrian Gonzalez, Prince Fielder, Miguel Cabrera, Melky Cabrera, Joey Votto, Bryce Harper, Joe Mauer, Starlin Castro, Brandon Phillips, Paul Konerko, Raul Ibanez, Daniel Murphy, David Wright, Prince Fielder, Aramis Ramirez, Billy […]


Top picks for June 18, 2011

Hunter Pence – Hou – 177 points — 10 hits in last 6 games — 66 team hits last 7 games — 255 LAD pitching hits allowed last 27 games Justin Upton – Ari – 174 points — 15 hits in last 7 games — 69 team hits last 7 games — 245 CWS pitching […]

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