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2016 Cubs pennant scorecard

Imagine living your entire life with the Cubs as a winning franchise. Most of us have lived through many losing years with the Cubs with a few highlight years committed to memory, 1969, 1984, 1989, 2003, 2007, etc. My daughter Julia born this year–all she knows is a winning Cub team. Not just a winning […]

Anthony Rizzo playfully shoves catcher Welington Castillo

Cubs Scorecard June 3, 2016

Another action-packed scorecard from a Cubs game. Simple and clean scorecards are nice, but I much prefer a scorecard that has lots of observations, factoids, and drawings mixed into the square boxes. I always look forward to keeping a scorecard at Wrigley to create a unique perspective from the game. This year is extra exciting, […]

My request to the Cubs for scorecards to be sold online

My scorecard request to the Cubs

The final question on the Cubs survey (of about 25 questions) is: Please share any other comments or feedback you have for the Chicago Cubs. Given my moment to let them know my request, I wrote: I would like purchase authentic Cubs scorecards online from any series. Best if sold through Amazon Prime, so I […]

1905 World Series program cover New York vs Philadelphia

How many scorecards are in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

The National Baseball Hall of Fame is like the U.S. National Archive with millions of items. The Hall of Fame states: The Museum’s collections contain more than 45,000 three-dimensional artifacts and 130,000 baseball cards. The Library catalogs and preserves nearly three million documents including 500,000 historic photographs and 15,000 hours of original audio and video recordings. […]

Tim McCarver's beautiful scorecard from the 2011 All-Star Game

Tim McCarver creates incredible scorecards

Look at the amount of annotation and details that announcer Tim McCarver wrote on his 2011 All-Star game scorecard. It’s fantastic. I’d have to say other than my brother’s scorecards and my scorecards, McCarvers is the most incredible scorecard I’ve seen. The other scorecard expert, my brother, had this to say about Tim McCarver’s scorecard: […]

Scorecard of the 1932 Babe Ruth

Writing a scorecard in old-time cursive

Does your cursive handwriting stink? Try changing your cursive so it matches Abraham Lincoln’s. There’s all those Lincoln letters online. You can just trace them to practice. Your baseball scorecard can look like this one from the 1932 Babe Ruth “called shot” World Series game. Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the names all fancy-style. If […]

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