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1920 W516 1 Babe Ruth, Walter Johnson, Roger Hornsby, Tris Speaker, Ping Bodie

Five mystery cards revealed

Yesterday we featured the backs of five baseball cards. They come from the 1920 W516 set: #3 Ping Bodie #5 Tris Speaker #7 Roger Hornsby #8 Walter Johnson #1 Babe Ruth Notice how Babe Ruth is featured as a pitcher, one of his first Yankee cards. Hat-tip to Sports Collector Daily for discovering these cards […]

Beckett Official Price Guide Baseball Cards

Alternative baseball card price values

The baseball card industry has just one official pricing guide–Beckett. The master of the land gets to decide the baseline prices for all baseball cards. This mighty giant has decided that the growing upstart COMC can no longer use their prices online. COMC is revolutionizing the baseball card industry by storing all the sellers cards […]

animated gif of ripken rookie cards

Forty perfect-10 mint Cal Ripken rookie cards

An amazing forty perfect PSA 10 Cal Ripken cards are for sale on eBay. The current 19th bid is at $11,000.25. PSA 10 is the absolute most perfect rating a baseball card can get for its condition. A 10 is very hard to achieve. Absolute sharp corners. Laser perfect centering. Brand new surface. But Justin […]

actual price of 1989 Upper Deck set, per Beckett Media

Entire 1989 Upper Deck set in PSA 10

Every single card in the 1989 Upper Deck in perfect PSA-10 condition. All 800 cards in the most perfect graded condition. It’s selling for $39,995.00. Wow. Compare that to Beckett’s price for the complete set: between $25 to $60. PSA 10 can be hard to obtain, but wow. 40 grand.

The secrets of Neal Ball

The secrets of Neal Ball

What is Neal Ball hiding in his hands on this T206 baseball card? If you buy it for $88 on the comc vault maybe you’ll find out! This card is currently the oldest one listed on their site. If I had that T206 card, I could just write the text right onto the card instead […]

Double Harmon Killebrew

Twin Harmon Killebrew cards

Black and white baseball cards with silver foil always look so sharp. More baseball cards should be produced in this style. This is a 2005 Upper Deck Past Time Pennants Harmon Killebrew card #38. My brother collects Harmon Killebrew cards, so I bought this for him at the National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago. I […]

1966-topps-hank-aaron reveals high resolution scans of baseball cards

Wanna see super-duper high resolution scans of baseball cards? is offering a new service, The Vault, that showcases baseball cards at what they call “36x” zoom. What that really means in the normal world is these images are 600dpi. Perty nice. That’s 1500×2100. The special sneak peek into their Vault service, they featured a […]

1960 Topps #18 Los Angeles Dodgers scan 2400 dpi

High-resolution scans of baseball cards

Imagine having access to incredibly detailed high-resolution scans of baseball cards and memorabilia online. The above image is a 2400 dpi scan of a Los Angeles Dodgers team card from the 1960 Topps set. As mentioned in my previous blog post, the Baseball Hall of Fame, posted some lo-res images of World Series program covers […]

Buster Posey, 2012 Topps Opening Day card #14

Buster Posey has twins

The back of Buster Posey’s 2012 Topps card states that he has twins. There’s a couple photos of the twins online, but they don’t come from Buster himself, so I’m not going to repost those in respect to his privacy and his children. I’m a twin and my twin brother writes for this blog […]

Chicago Cubs Poster Sports Illustrated. Jerome Walton, Mitch Williams, Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg, Shawon Dunston, Dwight Smith. 1989 All Stars

The cheese-mo baseball posters of the 80s

What happened to the multi-player posters from the 80s? These posters are a great blast from the past with their combination of highlighting the popular players from a team, along with being done in an ultra cheesy design. Although I do have to tip my hat to the picture selection in this 1989 Cubs poster […]


C.J. Wilson, the most interesting man in baseball

Another reason why learning about baseball players from the backs of baseball cards is cool.┬áThe back of his “2013 Topps Opening Day” card says, C.J. has been called “the most interesting man in Baseball.” He can recite poetry in four languages; he practices Eastern philosophies and a gluten-free diet; and he’s an expert in postmodern […]

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