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The sad, sad eyes of Clark the Cub

The sad eyes of Clark the Cub

I actually think Clark the Cub is pretty cute, kid friendly, and I identify with the sadness deep in his eyes. — Leah C. (@lakeline) January 13, 2014 Even though the Cub tradition “bans” having a mascot, I say, why not. Bring on a mascot. It’s fun for the kids. Plus, I love the deep […]

2013 Cubs calendar

2013 Cubs calender: no man standing

Something missing from this calendar? (The top part is the real calendar, the bottom is my parody of what could be on the back of the calendar) Hopefully the players featured on the 2014 Chicago Cubs calendar will fare better than the 2013 calendar. All four Chicago Cub players on the cover of the 2013 […]

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi totally looks like Yoda

Joe Girardi and Yoda totally have to be brothers or cousins. It’ll be fun to see how much more Girardi will look like Yoda as he gets older. Both even have quotes about teaching. “I love to teach. You want to see people making progress.” —Joe Girardi “Always pass on what you have learned.” —Yoda […]


Predictions for the Home Run Derby 2013

Who will win the Home Run Derby for 2013? Here’s my predictions: Prince Fielder, Tigers: He’s won it twice before. He’ll win it again for the third time to join Ken Griffey Jr as the only players to win the home run derby three times. Michael Cuddyer, Rockies: Every year it seems there’s someone who […]

Where is Jerome Walton now?

Where is Jerome Walton now?

Where is the 1989 National League Rookie of the Year? Jerome Walton is the high school baseball coach for Westlake High School in Cascade, Georgia and Instructor at Home Plate in Peachtree City, Georgia (per one of my favorite baseball blogs, 30-year-old cardboard) Jerome Walton also opened up a baseball center in his hometown of Newnan, […]

Ryne Sandberg mustache on Google

The highest authority on Ryne Sandberg’s mustache

Do a google search for Ryne Sandberg mustache and you’ll see that the top two spots are taken by Erik Maldre and his twin brother Matt Maldre. I’m so proud that my brother and rank number one and two. It’s like winning the Olympic gold and silver. Erik’s #1-ranked post is at Ryne Sandberg mustache. […]

Ian Stewart acting like a monkey on twitter

Is this the real Ian Stewart twitter account?

The $2-million third baseman for the Cubs is a real wildcard on twitter. This year he got demoted from the major league club to Triple-A Iowa. People questioned his dedication to the game, because while he was in Iowa, he took three days to report to the minor league club. It was all a mystery […]

May 30, 2013 Cubs double, Wrigley Field bleachers

Homerun photos of the crowd

I love homerun photos of the crowd. This photo by the Chicago Tribune features a near homerun. Look at that one fan totally reaching out. The ball is a mere inches from the net.

George Brett's eyes are not on the ball

George Brett, hitting coach for the Kansas City Royals

ESPN asks, “How big of an impact will George Brett have on the Royals as their new hitting coach?” My answer: Pine tar. George Brett will have the Royals hitters using lots of pine tar. I’m sorry George Brett. I know your legacy is larger than pine tar. But it’s too tempting to not pass […]

Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies coach, 2013

The return of Ryne Sandberg to Wrigley Field

This is pretty exciting as a Cubs fan. By dumb luck, I was able to see Ryne Sandberg’s last game as a Cub in 1997. By the same random measure, I will see his first return in uniform to Wrigley Field since then! I just learned he’s third base coach for the Phillies. My brother […]

Baseball family: Griffey, Ripken

The top baseball family: Griffeys or Ripkens?

When you think of a baseball family, who do you think of first? The Griffeys or the Ripkens? I quite frankly never think of the Ripken family. Griffey Jr and Sr. always come to mind first, because they were the first father and son to play on the same team as teammates. They even hit […]

Ichiro is the Hall of Fame

Google Translate’s response to: Ichiro is a Hall of Famer

Go ahead to and type in: Ichiro is a Hall of Famer and translate it to Japanese. You will get: イチローは殿堂入りです Now take that Japanese and translate it back into English. Look how it translates: Those Japanese feel strongly about Ichiro! You are spellbound. I know.

How the advertising will really appear on Wrigley Field's Jumbotron and outfield

Ricketts Wrigley Field mockup vs the real Jumbotron ads mockup

The original mockup by the Ricketts makes the outfield advertising look all nice and pretty. The Jumbotron has nice green ads to match the nice green Jumbotron, which matches the original scoreboard. But these are just mockup ads to hide how loud the real advertising will be. My brother took the Ricketts’ mockup and put […]

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