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Catholic vestments

Church liturgical colors during summer match Wrigley Field

For the last four years, Father Burke Masters has held mass at Wrigley Field before Sunday home games, inviting beer vendors, ushers and anyone who works at the ballpark. Before Sunday night’s 1-0 loss to the Dodgers, Cubs catcher Miguel Montero joined the group in Section 209 along the left-field line. Read the rest: Montero […]

Willie Mays and Barry Bonds could be up at n the 9th for the Giants, and the Cubs would still win here

Cubs 4-run 9th inning 2016 NLDS comeback win predicted in 8th inning

The Cubs were pretty down throughout game 4 of the NLDS. Despite leading the series 2-1, the Giants and their silly #Believen were about to tie up the series. Giants pitcher some how limited the Cubs to only two hits through eight innings. Things looked bad. But in the 8th inning, I predicted four runs in the 9th! […]

Chicago Cubs fan Mati Maldre adjusts his cap before a game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Wrigley Field Friday, June 3, 2016, in Chicago. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

My dad’s Cubs hat featured in the Chicago Tribune

It’s always cool when a newspaper photographer takes your picture and then the photo makes it into the newspaper. A Chicago Tribune photographer stood a few rows behind us at Wrigley Field snapping away photos of the pre-game for the Cubs versus Diamondbacks. His mega-telephoto lens was amazing. In person they look cartoonish, like a bunch […]

Familia and d'Arnaud aren't so sure

Awkward celebration photos

The Kansas City Star ran this awkward photo of the catcher Drew Butera and relief pitcher Wade Davis celebrating. They are in an awkward embrace, like, “uhhh, yeah, we’ll kinda hug, but not really.” The actual celebration isn’t that akward, it’s just the timing of that particular photo. Odd that the hometown paper of the […]


Game five tickets for a series sweep

You have tickets for game five in a best of seven series. Certainly your team can win one game so you can see them play? Right? Have you ever had that happen where your team gets swept the game before the tickets you had to see them play? That’s happened to me twice in my […]

Cubs Playoff media center

How to watch the MLB playoffs without cable

Not able to watch the MLB playoffs because you don’t have cable? You don’t have to be stuck. There are a plethora of ways of keeping track of the game live. Baseball is a game of stats, so while visuals are nice, you have lots of other ways of being engaged with a live game. […] is available

Phonetically spelled URLs for major sports leagues

If you want to upset the MLB, is available. em = M el = L bee = B thus, Also available: (NFL) (MLS) (WBA, boxing) (IBF, boxing) (WWE) (PGA) Taken: (NBA) How do you phonetically spell h? (for NHL) I’m rather shocked at how many of […]

How MLB logos changed in the 1960s and 1980s

Flying around the internet is an animated GIF of all the MLB logos since 1876. You really need to click over and see it. (I don’t want to illegally steal it by posting the image here). It’s fun to see how they change overall over time. At the very start, all the logos were simple […]

Wrigley Field tree climbers 1932

The original rooftop owners outside Wrigley Field

In 1932, Cubs fans didn’t watch games from the rooftops of apartment buildings outside Wrigley Field. Nope, instead people climbed trees to sneak a view of the ball park. Makes you wonder if someone stood at the foot of the tree and charged $250 to climb up and sit for the length of the game. […]

Clark the Cub was not the first Chicago Cubs mascot

Everyone is talking about the Cubs first mascot, Clark the Cub. However, he’s not the first Cubs mascot. You may have seen this scary delight from the 1920s: I guess Clark the Cub is better than their last mascot — John (@Manute_Troll) January 13, 2014 But the Cubs had another mascot. Back in the […]

What will Disney do about the Clark the Cub ripping off Kit Cloudkicker?

The new Cubs mascot, @ClarktheCub, is basically a Tailspin character: — Jake Malooley (@jakemalooley) January 13, 2014 Perhaps Disney and the Chicago Cubs have formed a partnership. The Ricketts were looking for sponsors for Wrigley and Disney jumped at the opportunity to make another theme park. In fact, maybe the area around Wrigleyville will […]

The sad, sad eyes of Clark the Cub

The sad eyes of Clark the Cub

I actually think Clark the Cub is pretty cute, kid friendly, and I identify with the sadness deep in his eyes. — Leah C. (@lakeline) January 13, 2014 Even though the Cub tradition “bans” having a mascot, I say, why not. Bring on a mascot. It’s fun for the kids. Plus, I love the deep […]

2013 Cubs calendar

2013 Cubs calender: no man standing

Something missing from this calendar? (The top part is the real calendar, the bottom is my parody of what could be on the back of the calendar) Hopefully the players featured on the 2014 Chicago Cubs calendar will fare better than the 2013 calendar. All four Chicago Cub players on the cover of the 2013 […]

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try. Joe Girardi

Joe Girardi totally looks like Yoda

Joe Girardi and Yoda totally have to be brothers or cousins. It’ll be fun to see how much more Girardi will look like Yoda as he gets older. Both even have quotes about teaching. “I love to teach. You want to see people making progress.” —Joe Girardi “Always pass on what you have learned.” —Yoda […]

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