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The first 57hits podcast episode

Here is the very first podcast episode for I talk about why Andre Dawson left the Cubs after the 1992 season. After barraging my friend, Abhay, for 23 minutes on instant messenger about Andre Dawson in 1992, he finally said, “Have you thought about starting a podcast just talking baseball?” Shaking my head, I […]


The ironic 2017 Cubs All-Star hat

Three years later, the 2017 Cubs All-Star hat is so tempting to get. What a handsome-looking cap. The blue is a lighter tint than the normal Cubs royal blue. The heathered blue texture is nice. The gold stitching looks really nice on the blue. Great attention to detail on the vent holes as stars. Even […]

1987 Topps assorted pile

The late 80s and early 90s were a golden era of baseball cards

After reading this article, I’m convinced that the 10-year period of the late 80s and early 90s really is a golden era of baseball cards. People think of it as a junk era. But this era is about the collectors. Soooo many collectors, because there were so many cards. Really. There is no other time […]

Meisterschaft zum ersten Mal in einhundertacht Jahren

Chicago Cubs 2020 alternate slogan

With all this talk about stripping the Astros of their championship, thankfully there as been no talk of stripping the 2016 Cubs of their World Series championship. That’s right. NOBODY STRIPS THE 2016 CUBS OF THEIR CHAMPIONSHIP FIRST ONE IN 108 YEARS Or in German: Meisterschaft zum ersten Mal in einhundertacht Jahren As the German […]


Finding Steve Stone’s sweater for the Kerry Wood 20-strikeout game

The sweater that Steve Stone wore while announcing Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout game on May 6, 1998. I want that sweater. Maybe. Just maybe if I do a reverse Google image search, it might come up. Initially, these are the results. Ok, that’s kinda cool. But these are not sweaters. Google automatically added the search term […]

Email from Prudential Plaza about the Cubs Postseason Rally

Cubs postseason rally in Prudential lobby from 5am to 6pm

670 AM Score’s offices are in my building at the Prudential Plaza. Today they doing a Cubs postseason rally in the lobby from 5am to 6pm. Today I’ll live-blog this show throughout the day. And I’ll tweet the updates on Twitter. 8:45am I walked in this morning and Ron Coomer was doing a show, sitting […]

Cubs podcast no longer updating as of March 2018

14 MLB teams stopped updating their official team podcast since March.

The Chicago Cubs official podcast was great. The official Cubs beat reporter, Carrie Muskat, would give great insight into the team. They aren’t super long—just 7 to 15 minutes. The perfect length. Most other Cubs podcasts are too long. The hosts end up chatting and bla bla BLA BLA. Carrie got to the point. But […]

Chicago Dogs uniform design 2018

Chicago Dogs uniform design is a wiener

The Chicago Dogs released their uniform designs today. Folks, we have a wiener—as in WINNER. Thankfully, their home hat features just the hot dog logo. No baseball, no words. Back in August, I blogged about they should put just the hot dog on the hat. Does the entire logo belong on a baseball hat? I’m […]

Matt Murton as office worker among the cubicles

How does a MLB player transition to an office worker?

The Chicago Cubs have named Chris Denorfia as Special Assistant to the President/General Manager and Matt Murton as Baseball Operations Assistant. Chris Denorfia played for Cincinnati, Oakland, San Diego, Seattle, and the Cubs from 2005 to 2015. He was also a minor league regular from 2002 to 2017. Matt Murton played outfield on and off […]

Use Google images to find your MLB twin

Who is your MLB twin?

What MLB player looks most like you? Pick any player from the history of baseball at any age. Drawing a blank? Here’s how you can find your baseball player twin! 1. Your photo Find an photo of yourself wearing your favorite team’s clothing. Preferably this photo will be taken at the ballpark. For this example, […]

High-res logo for Chicago Dogs baseball team

Chicago Dogs logo and branding

Chicago has a new minor league team called the Chicago Dogs, as in hot dogs. They will be playing in a $60 million, 6,300-seat independent league stadium located at Rosemont near O’Hare airport. Let’s be frank and hope the team is a wiener. Their logo is already looking doggone relishing. A simple curved hot dog […]

Anthony Rizzo Cubs gnome statue holding World Series trophy

Oddball Chicago Cubs World Series Champions memorabilia

To celebrate the Cubs winning the World Series, I know you are totally desiring to have an epoxy belt buckle with the Cubs World Series championship logo. Or maybe a laser-etched crystal is more your style. With Christmas around the corner, why wear a regular old Santa hat, when you can wear one declaring the […]


Chicago Cubs Golden Ratio

The front page of a newspaper matters. It is the very definitive representation of monumental civic, national, and global events. For 30-some years I often wondered what photo/headline would represent the ageless dream of a Chicago Cubs World Series Championship. That day finally arrived November 3rd thanks to the brilliance of the Chicago Tribune. Momentos […]

Art Institute of Chicago retweet for lions wearing Cubs hats

Photos of Art Institute of Chicago lions wearing Cubs hats

One of the most beloved statues in Chicago is a pair of lion sculptures in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. Every time a Chicago sports team reaches the finals, the art museum puts the team’s hat/helmet on the lions. The Chicago Bears, Blackhawks, and White Sox all had hats/helmets. I believe lions even […]

Die-hard Cubs fans in obituaries

The Chicago Cubs are about to play their first World Series game at Wrigley Field since 1945. I would like us to remember all the the Cubs fans who have passed away before being able to see the World Series in Wrigley Field. During the 2016 playoffs, there are over 40 obituaries that include being […]

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