Idea: using the ads on vintage scorecards to call out highlights of the game

I’ve been so tempted to keep score in a vintage scorecard. It would be so cool to fill score a famous game in the actual scorecard of that time. But many of the old-time scorecards featured a ton of ads surrounding the score boxes. I love drawing pictures and adding text to the margins of a scorecard. These ads would get in the way.

But here’s an idea! What if I redesigned the ads so they feature highlights from that game?

Here’s part of a scorecard from Brooks Robinson’s second major league game:

Scorecard of Brooks Robinson 2nd MLB game

Instead of an ad for Emerson Allied Appliance Distributors, it would say, “Brooks Robinson’s second major league game”. This modified box would be designed to mimic the original ad with the fonts and layout.

That would be so sweet! This is definitely something I will pursue doing.

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