Adding a timeline to baseball scorecards

Last night I started doodling around a scorecard that integrates a timeline sequence. Here’s a quick sketch based on the Cubs 2016 World Series game 7.

A couple weeks ago I came across a book by John Cage that captures a bunch of alternative ways of writing a music score. That got me thinking about music scores and scorecards.

In 1968, composer John Cage assembled the book “Notations,” with American artist Alison Knowles. This book is a collection of experimental musical scores by 269 mid-twentieth century composers, from Bernstein, Stravinsky to the Beatles, including this one by William R. Maginnis, Jr.

Manhattan School of Music

What if I took those horizontal lines from a music composition, and applied them to a baseball scorecard? That might prove to be interesting to keep a record of how the runners advanced on the bases.

To make the music score run across each inning in my scorecard, I had to change the orientation of the player names. Instead of the players running horizontally like a normal scorecard. This scorecard has the player names going vertically.

I don’t really like the players having to go vertical. I’m going to try a scorecard that runs more traditionally with the players horizontal (and thus, the inning progress will go vertically)

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