22 Cubs players give thanks to Chicago fans after World Series

Collage of Cubs players giving thanks on Twitter for 2016 World Series championship

The Cubs are World Series champions! 22 Cubs players have given thanks to the fans on Twitter, some gave thanks several times on Twitter. In total there are 38 tweets. The player giving the most thanks to fans is Jon Lester with four. The player with the least likes and retweets on his tweet of thanks is Pedro Strop.

For the 38 tweets, the median number of likes per tweet is 12,240 likes. The median retweets is 2,016.

Retweet stats for Cubs thankful tweets

If you’d like to follow the 2016 Cubs on Twitter, I have a Twitter list of all 24 players: 2016 Chicago Cubs. As the roster changes in the offseason, for next year’s team here’s the 2017 Chicago Cubs Twitter list.

The complete list of all the Cubs thank you tweets after the World Series (in chronological order):

.@Cubs We did it!!!! / Lo hicimos!!! Gracias Chicago!!! #WorldChamps #Cubs #GoCubsGo #MakingHistory #WorldSeries
Aroldis Chapman is the first out of the gate to give thanks to Cubs fans for the World Series win. He’s ecstatic that he didn’t go down with the blown save in game 7.

The Chicago Cubs are 2016 World champions! A video message from Mune for the Fans! than the Chicago Cubs have won world series in 108 years Buri munlin is messages of joy to our fans.
Although Munenori Kawasaki was not on the World Series roster, he was in the dugout for the entire playoffs as the team cheerleader. He is the second Cub to tweet out thanks. All in Japanese.

We did it! The @Cubs are World Series champions! You deserve it Chicago. #NVRQT

Congratulations Chi-town!!! Lovable Losers no more! What a year!! Honored to b part of it!!! @Cubs #WorldSeries #imgonnagothrowupnow #sorry

WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS!!! We're coming home Chicago!!
This is the second most liked of the 38 tweets.

Yes!!!! We love you Chicago!!! #wearegood #FlyTheW #WorldSeriesChampions

Chicago!!!!!! This was for you!!! The best fans in baseball deserve nothing less!!! World champs baby!!!!! #FlyTheW


We're bringing it home Chicago!!!!

Hey Chicago, what do you say? I say breakfast tacos & tequila.
This is the most liked and most retweeted of the 38 tweets.

Forever champions! From my family to the @Cubs family around the world...Thank You & Congratulations! #todaywefinallywentalltheway

Don't want to go to sleep yet. I'm still shocked. Thank you Lord for this special blessing. Thank you Cubs fans. #2016WorldSeriesChamps

Seriously, thanks to all of you fans we wouldn't done it with out you. Thank you.

WORLD SERIES A true team win & I wouldn't have it any other way! Love this team, love this city, & love these fans! See yall Monday! #NVRQT

Still in shock! Thank you Cubs fans for believing in us, and being with us every step of the way! World Series Champs are here #WEAREGOOD

Looks like we'll see y'all tomorrow! Even better! Might have to live tweet the parade!

Hoping to see all my #FowlersHowlers at the parade tomorrow!!! I'm going to have my squad handing out surprises to those in Fowler gear!

Hey Chicago, what do you say?

GRANT PARK!! Just a sea of the best people in the world!!! #FlyTheW

Thank you, Chicago! This is for you....we are the champions
This is the second most retweeted of the 38 tweets.

WOW! THANKYOU CHICAGO! https://www.instagram.com/p/BMZmCnchYII/

Chicago! You all know how to put on a parade! The most incredible thing I've ever been apart of! Thank you!!

Thank you CHICAGO!!!! Thank you to my teammates! Thank you to all my family!! Thank you to my wife! Thank you fans! I love this city!!

Wow! That was unbelievable..... I am speechless.....Thank you Chicago for supporting us and now we are all champions! #FlyTheW

Chicagoooooooooooo #ChampionsLeague #FlyTheW #WorldSeries #Amazing #cubsparade
Of the Cubs players on the World Series roster, this is the second least liked and second least retweeted of the 38 tweets.

Chicago's finest! These guys did an unbelievable job today. Wish I could've taken pics with all of them! #FlyTheW

Chicago, you waited so long for it. Now dont get tired of saying we are the CHAMPS. #JB9… https://www.instagram.com/p/BMZ5LEaAaHa/

I've never seen anything like that. An experience never forgotten. Thank you Chicago, the city of World Champions!

You're beautiful Chicago! Thank you

Chicago, you really know how to throw a parade! Unbelievable atmosphere. Thank you to everyone involved today. Go Cubs

One last THANK YOU!

Thanks to all of you for make this parade the best one in all sports

Cub-stock 2016...you are all loyal, passionate, and tough...we did it together...thank you #WeDidNotSuck2016

Goodnight, Chicago! Thank you everybody for the continued love and support. This is a memory We… https://www.instagram.com/p/BMalcAahXG5/

Good morning Chicago City Love U All

A dream turned into reality by the boys in blue, & our city of Chicago! I feel more connected to a city than ever before. Love you all

WAO super grateful with the resinimiento of my people glory to God @cubs #believebystrop https://www.instagram.com/p/BMnT04Sgwaq/
This is the least liked and least retweeted of the 38 tweets.

Thank you all for the support! This year has been truly unbelievable

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