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Game five tickets for a series sweep

You have tickets for game five in a best of seven series. Certainly your team can win one game so you can see them play? Right? Have you ever had that happen where your team gets swept the game before the tickets you had to see them play? That’s happened to me twice in my […]

Cubs Playoff media center

How to watch the MLB playoffs without cable

Not able to watch the MLB playoffs because you don’t have cable? You don’t have to be stuck. There are a plethora of ways of keeping track of the game live. Baseball is a game of stats, so while visuals are nice, you have lots of other ways of being engaged with a live game. […]

Chicago Cubs cake with TM

The meaning behind the TM in the Cubs logo

Why does the Cubs logo still have a trademark instead of registered mark? –Or perhaps the TM has a different meaning! 164 meanings for TM are given by Acronymfinder. Here are some of the highlights: Time Machine: All this time, the Cubs logo was predicting the Back to the Future World Series win in 2015! Trust […] is available

Phonetically spelled URLs for major sports leagues

If you want to upset the MLB, is available. em = M el = L bee = B thus, Also available: (NFL) (MLS) (WBA, boxing) (IBF, boxing) (WWE) (PGA) Taken: (NBA) How do you phonetically spell h? (for NHL) I’m rather shocked at how many of […]

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