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Andre Dawson Beanbrawls Sports Illustrated cover

Andre Dawson: beanball master

Did you know that Andre Dawson lead the NL in hit by pitch four times? Hit By Pitch 1978 NL 12 (1st) 1979 NL 6 (9th) 1980 NL 6 (1st) 1981 NL 7 (1st) 1982 NL 8 (2nd) 1983 NL 9 (1st) 1986 NL 6 (6th) 1987 NL 7 (5th) 1993 AL 13 (3rd) Career […]

2014 Beat the Streak discussion board

Please use this blog post to discuss how you are doing in MLB’s Beat the Streak this year. Ideas for what to talk about: What’s your longest streak this year? Who stopped your streak? Excited about any players you are starting? What is your pick average? Leave your experiences in the comments. Thank you.

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