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Ryne Sandberg mustache on Google

The highest authority on Ryne Sandberg’s mustache

Do a google search for Ryne Sandberg mustache and you’ll see that the top two spots are taken by Erik Maldre and his twin brother Matt Maldre. I’m so proud that my brother and rank number one and two. It’s like winning the Olympic gold and silver. Erik’s #1-ranked post is at Ryne Sandberg mustache. […]

Ian Stewart acting like a monkey on twitter

Is this the real Ian Stewart twitter account?

The $2-million third baseman for the Cubs is a real wildcard on twitter. This year he got demoted from the major league club to Triple-A Iowa. People questioned his dedication to the game, because while he was in Iowa, he took three days to report to the minor league club. It was all a mystery […]

May 30, 2013 Cubs double, Wrigley Field bleachers

Homerun photos of the crowd

I love homerun photos of the crowd. This photo by the Chicago Tribune features a near homerun. Look at that one fan totally reaching out. The ball is a mere inches from the net.

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