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George Brett's eyes are not on the ball

George Brett, hitting coach for the Kansas City Royals

ESPN asks, “How big of an impact will George Brett have on the Royals as their new hitting coach?” My answer: Pine tar. George Brett will have the Royals hitters using lots of pine tar. I’m sorry George Brett. I know your legacy is larger than pine tar. But it’s too tempting to not pass […]

Ryne Sandberg, Philadelphia Phillies coach, 2013

The return of Ryne Sandberg to Wrigley Field

This is pretty exciting as a Cubs fan. By dumb luck, I was able to see Ryne Sandberg’s last game as a Cub in 1997. By the same random measure, I will see his first return in uniform to Wrigley Field since then! I just learned he’s third base coach for the Phillies. My brother […]

Chicago Cubs Poster Sports Illustrated. Jerome Walton, Mitch Williams, Mark Grace, Ryne Sandberg, Shawon Dunston, Dwight Smith. 1989 All Stars

The cheese-mo baseball posters of the 80s

What happened to the multi-player posters from the 80s? These posters are a great blast from the past with their combination of highlighting the popular players from a team, along with being done in an ultra cheesy design. Although I do have to tip my hat to the picture selection in this 1989 Cubs poster […]


C.J. Wilson, the most interesting man in baseball

Another reason why learning about baseball players from the backs of baseball cards is cool. The back of his “2013 Topps Opening Day” card says, C.J. has been called “the most interesting man in Baseball.” He can recite poetry in four languages; he practices Eastern philosophies and a gluten-free diet; and he’s an expert in postmodern […]

Baseball family: Griffey, Ripken

The top baseball family: Griffeys or Ripkens?

When you think of a baseball family, who do you think of first? The Griffeys or the Ripkens? I quite frankly never think of the Ripken family. Griffey Jr and Sr. always come to mind first, because they were the first father and son to play on the same team as teammates. They even hit […]

Ichiro is the Hall of Fame

Google Translate’s response to: Ichiro is a Hall of Famer

Go ahead to and type in: Ichiro is a Hall of Famer and translate it to Japanese. You will get: イチローは殿堂入りです Now take that Japanese and translate it back into English. Look how it translates: Those Japanese feel strongly about Ichiro! You are spellbound. I know.

Dominican Republic pointing photo of World Baseball Classic

Miguel Tejada has no 2012 Topps baseball card!

Possible future Hall-of-Famer Miguel Tejada played 91 games in 2011, but yet Topps did not include him in their 2012 base set of 660 cards. The only 2012 cards in existence for Miguel Tejada are only limited edition signature cards. SEVEN different signature cards. Print runs of: 5, 1, 5, 5, 25, 3, 15. If […]

How the advertising will really appear on Wrigley Field's Jumbotron and outfield

Ricketts Wrigley Field mockup vs the real Jumbotron ads mockup

The original mockup by the Ricketts makes the outfield advertising look all nice and pretty. The Jumbotron has nice green ads to match the nice green Jumbotron, which matches the original scoreboard. But these are just mockup ads to hide how loud the real advertising will be. My brother took the Ricketts’ mockup and put […]

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