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Infographic: Baseball players on twitter

How many players on your favorite baseball team are on twitter? made official twitter lists for each team. The average number of players on twitter per team is seven. Baseball teams with the most current players on twitter: The Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays have 13 apiece. Baseball teams with the least […]

Sammy Sosa 1996 Sportflix UC3 #104 Cubs

Sammy Sosa 3d baseball card

Continuing the fun with 3D baseball cards, my brother found this 1996 Sammy Sosa Sportflics card on eBay. I was so taken aback by the delight of seeing Sammy Sosa in 3d, that I sent a message to the seller of this card. Hi tommybill100, Sammy Sosa in 3D!? That’s like a real life Sammy […]

Buster Posey 3D 2013 Topps Opening Day #ODS-4 baseball card

7 reasons why the Buster Posey 3D card is cool (2013 Topps Opening Day #ODS-4)

“What’s special about a buster posey card?” Question from Erik Maldre. Answer: Buster Posey in 3D! Lenticular technology comes back to baseball cards for 2013! — 57 hits (@57hits) March 26, 2013 3d baseball cards are back! Back in 1986 Sportflics made cards that changed photographs when you moved the card. I never understood […]

1960 Topps #18 Los Angeles Dodgers scan 2400 dpi

Fold a baseball card to create excitement

Folding a baseball card in half is considered one of the grave sins of destruction. Collectors turn their nose on a cease mark. Take a 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card in mint condition (GSA rating 8.5). In 2010 one sold for $130,000. If you folded that card in half, it drops the condition down to […]

Leaf trading cards logo

Mission statement of Leaf trading cards

Leaf Trading Cards says they listen to their customers. Do they really? I wrote them the following letter: Brian Gray said at his corporate address Monday that the company’s mission statement is: “Ask people what they want. Listen to what they tell you and give them what they want.” I’d like to make two points […]


Topps giant, not the monopoly in autographs

Panini America announced on Tuesday that it has signed Stephen Strasburg to an exclusive autograph deal. Oh wow. I thought Topps had the corner on the market for this. I guess it’s just trading cards that Topps has the monopoly on. Well, good then. I’m happy for Panini. Time for Topps to move over to […]

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